Our Environment Matters

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By Claire Harris

Wed May 15 2024

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We are back in the new Promote Mental Health office and it feels wonderful. We have uplifting colours, a new carpet and soundproofing. We have de-cluttered and now have a calm and clear space. I am definitely feeling more relaxed and more focused.

Our environment has a huge impact on our mental health. We spend a lot of time at work and in our home environment. How we decorate and set out these spaces can make a huge difference to our stress levels, our productivity and our sense of wellbeing.

What is going on in your work and home environment?

How does your environment make you feel?

Think about:

  • Aesthetics - Cluttered spaces can make us feel overwhelmed, and tidy places can keep us calm. Do you need everything that’s on your desk? Can you reduce paper consumption?
  • Colours – Different colours can boost or dampen our mood. What colours are you surrounded by? How do they make you feel?
  • Sensory – Lighting, temperature, sounds and the smell of our environment are important too. Bright spaces with the right temperatures are going to help us focus and concentrate.
  • Not forgetting People and Culture – The culture and values of your workplace impact your Psychological Safety (How comfortable you feel about being your authentic self in the workplace) and your stress levels, productivity and sense of belonging. What is your workplace culture like? Are you surrounded by the right people?

What could you change in your immediate environment to enhance your mental health?

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