Mental Health and Wellbeing Services

We can help you and your organisation

Claire Harris delivering a Mental Health Workshop

Training and Workshops

We deliver Mental Health First Aid Training, training on mental health and wellbeing, stress management, resilience and self-care. We can also deliverer bespoke training tailored to the needs of your organisation, including handouts and information suited to your educational needs.

We offer bespoke workshops on all aspects of mental health and wellbeing including: self-care, stress management and resilience. These have been designed by experts with over 20 years’ experience of working in the mental health sector. Sessions will be interactive, include group and individual work and skills-based activities. These can be tailored to the needs of the organisation and the individuals attending the training.

Mental Health Consultancy


We offer consultation around mental health and wellbeing. This can include:

  • Campaign and event planning
  • Appropriate language and communication to use in the workplace
  • Knowledge on local and national services and support
  • Support for your Mental Health First Aiders ®
  • Support in any other areas based on your organisations needs
Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy Development

Wellbeing Strategy Development

  • Support & guidance with design, development & implementation of a workplace mental health and wellbeing strategy
  • Incorporating your workplace objectives
  • Linking to national guidelines for workplaces (Including Public Health England, NHS and Business in the Community)
  • Action planning: training up Mental Health First Aiders, workshops for staff, and Campaigns

Mental Health First Aid

Written by experts, grounded in research, and tested by people with lived experience of mental ill health.

MHFA England training provides participants with the skills and confidence to recognise the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues and effectively guide a person towards the right support. These courses are written by experts, grounded in research, and tested by people with lived experience of mental ill health. Claire Harris is an accredited Instructor Member, approved by MHFA England to deliver:

Adult Mental Health First Aid Two Day Training

Qualify as Mental Health First Aider. Includes manual, workbook, 5 step card and certificate. Two days training delivered in four sessions:

  1. Mental Health First Aid, mental health, and depression
  2. Depression (continued) and suicidal crisis
  3. Anxiety, personality disorders, eating disorders & self-harm.
  4. Psychosis, schizophrenia and bipolar

Adult Mental Health Aware Half Day Training

Qualify as Mental Health Aware with a half-day training. Includes manual, workbook and certificate. The course covers:

  • Stress and mental health
  • Stigma
  • Signs of distress
  • Recovery
  • Mental health toolkit